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Pray in silence with practitioners from all over the world.


Centering Prayer groups are forming on this global video platform of online meditation groups. It's difficult to describe how profoundly connecting, expansive and intimate it is to see, hear and join in silent prayer with others from all over the world.


You just have to try it.


Getting started with online meditation is easy, and it can be done on most devices that have a camera and a microphone. This includes smart phones, tablets, and PCs.


Zoom is the video conferencing system we use for our chapels.If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you need to install Zoom. You can find Zoom in your app store. If you are using a PC, Zoom will be installed into your browser the first time you enter a chapel.



  1. Go to the Meditation Chapel  
  2. Read the site rules and be sure you agree with them.  
  3. Register as a user.  
  4. Use the online calendar to find a group meeting at an appropriate time for you.  
    - The calendar shows the group meeting times in your local time zone.  
    - You can click on a calendar listing to get more information such as the group leader,  
       the type of group, restrictions (if any), and the language the group uses (if not English).  
    - The calendar also shows which chapel the group meets in.  
  5. All Centering Prayer sessions will be on the Thomas Keating Chapel.  
    - Click on the link and the Chapel page will appear.  
    - This will start a Zoom session for the group.  
       Remember, If this is the first time you have joined us and you are on a PC,  
       it will install Zoom automatically.  
       Click on “Allow” to give permission for Zoom to be installed.  
    - Bookmark or save the link to your favorites for convenience.  
    - When you join the CP session, your photo and name will appear on the screen  
       along with other participants.  
    - Mute your microphone during the CP session to help reduce background noise.  
    - Unmute your microphone if you need to speak by clicking on the icon  
       with the red slash through it (located at the bottom of your computer screen).  
       If you are using a tablet, hover your cursor at the top of the page  
       and a microphone icon should appear.  
  6. Click the “Leave Meeting” button to leave the chapel when your group is finished.  
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