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The Movement of the Spirit

Reflection Week of January 31

"Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your  hearing." Luke 4:21

"Today" in the liturgy means the transmission of the mystery as immediate spiritual experience. The Christian religion is a life to be lived. It starts, falters, falls, rises, grows and eventually matures through all kinds of vicissitudes. We must know how to listen to the liturgy not only as inspiration and encouragement, but also as empowerment.

In each moment of chronological time, the divine value of each moment is available to us in proportion to our sensitivity to the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit suggests what is to be done at each moment in our relationship to God, ourselves, other people and the cosmos. When we listen to the movements of the Spirit rather than to our bright ideas and self-centered programs for happiness, the internal commentary that normally sustains our emotional upsets comes to an end, enabling us to accept difficult situations and people. The neutral zone that we provide allows the Spirit to act.

Excerpt from Awakenings, by Fr. Thomas Keating, chapter 8

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