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Iconic Sign Finds New Home at Center

The next time you visit the Center, you will find it hard to miss a familiar sight hanging in the main hallway.  Those who have attended a Snowmass retreat will recognize the large, brown wooden sign reading, "St. Benedict Monastery."  It is the original sign that formerly sat at the intersection leading to the monastery in Snowmass.  The sign had been there for going on 50 years until replaced by a new one about 15 years ago.

The old sign was a gift from a Carbondale woman who was given it by the contractors who installed the new one for the monastery.  She had no use for the sign and had it delivered to the Center last December.  For a while we had it in our mdeitation garden outdoors, but we've decided to hang it prominently in the hall leading to our classrooms for all to see.  We hope its presence serves as a reminder of our close spiritual relationship with St. Benedict's where Father Thomas Keating resides.

Monastery Sign

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