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Six Thursday Evenings

February 21 - March 28


Thomas Keating tells us our programs for happiness include “our thoughts, feelings, self-image and world view. And dying to the false self, he says, is the movement from a lower state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness”

Conscious of the inherent bias of over identification with our social or cultural conditioning that can subtly limit our perspective, and prompted by 20 years of interfaith dialogue established by Thomas Keating and summarized in The Common Heart, the intent of this course is to use dialogue as a vehicle to enlarge our perspective in framing our world-view.

We will explore teachings developed by the indigenous cultures of North America in The Fourth Way, written as response to the challenges of colonization. Additional topics for dialogue will come from Richard Rohr’s daily meditations on religions, and available books besides The Common Heart. These books will include: The Zen Teachings of Jesus, and Jesus in the Lotus. Participants may elect to keep one of the books at the conclusion of the 6 week class.

 Cost: $90 (includes book)  
RSVP: By Thursday, February 20  
 When: Six Thursdays  
  February 21 - March 28  
  6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  
 Registration: REGISTER ONLINE  
  Or, you can print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it, along with your registration, to the Center   
  You may also register by calling the Center at (303) 698-7729  
 Where: 3650 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212  





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