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Laura Cassidy, Ph.D


In modern times St. Therese of Lisieux has been the most popular saint among Catholics and people who do not identify with religion.  Her popularity as “The Little Flower” concealed that she is considered by scholars to be “John of the Cross for Ordinary People”.  During this workshop we will explore why and how she offers this depth of wisdom in her “Little Way of Love”. 


First, we will contemplate how Therese’s life circumstances were the very context of her transformation. Her mother died of breast cancer, her father suffered from dementia, and Therese suffered from profound anxiety.  Rather than an impediment these circumstances became the very places she discovered God’s love. 


Second, we will explore how Therese’s attentiveness to everyday life and relationships embodied her love.  Her need to please other people was transformed into freedom to love in ways that are psychologically astute, creative, and self-respecting.


Finally, we will learn how her own struggles made her feel a kinship with everyone—no matter their faith.  From a small convent in France Therese develops a vision and faith with global embrace.  Therese demonstrates a profound understanding of the power of prayer as the energy of love pulsing for the world.  She teaches a way of trusting the transforming power of love, within us and for the whole cosmos.


Drawing upon her writings we will explore her “little way of love”.  Through quiet, personal prayer, discussion and Lectio Divina we will explore how, in Therese’s words, we take the “elevator of love and not the stairway of fear”. 

 Cost:   $40  
 When:   Saturday, March 14
    9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  
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