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Heartfulness: Transformation In Christ - Part 1 (Course VI)

with Thomas Keating and Betty Sue Flowers

    "The purpose of our lifetime is to provide us with the space for the upward journey of evolution into the mind, heart and whole being of God, or the Ultimate Reality." (Thomas Keating –Heartfulness)  

In the Heartfulness series, which Fr. Thomas Keating recently recommended be offered as a continuation (Course 6) of the Spiritual Journey series, he reminds us that we are called by God to open to a new reality that is our true Self --- the image and likeness of God. The path to this true Self and all its fruits and gifts is the challenge of becoming fully human, and to become fully human is to become fully divine. This is the fullness of life itself, a life abiding in the grace and truth of Christ, while at the same time, fully being the unique person you are.


Fr. Thomas calls this the journey of heartfulness, and says that Centering Prayer might be thought of as heartfulness. Centering Prayer as contemplative prayer is a reflection on the mysteries of faith that has been digested and reflected upon and expressed in acts of love until it has simplified into a movement of the will that is becoming quasi-permanent - a way of occupying the mind and transferring it to the heart so that with practice it becomes more "heartfulness" than "mindfulness".


Topics included in Part 1 of this series include: The Pursuit of Happiness, The Human Condition and Centering Prayer. Classes will include video content, time for individual reflection and group sharing. Parts 2 and 3 will be offered in the winter and spring.

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