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Living The Presence


Join us for six Thursday evenings to explore this “Practice of Presence” course which complements centering prayer, lectio divina, the active prayer phrase, and the welcoming prayer in bringing Presence into the daily life.


The course will include teachings of Jesus, Thomas Keating, Eckhart Tolle, and others, including the new book recommended by Fr. Thomas: I Am That I Am by Francis Bennett. The essence of centering prayer is “laying aside thought” and “resting in God.” We will explore many portals into Presence that facilitate awakening from the “dream of thought” (or is it the nightmare of thought?) throughout our daily lives that will help us to be living, breathing, freer, more joyful expressions of the One Life!

 Cost:   $80 includes book: I Am That I Am  

Six Thursday evenings


October 13 - November 17


6:30 – 9:00pm


You can register online


Or, you can print the registration form and mail it to the Center

    You can also call the Center at 303-698-7729  
    Walk-ins are welcome  

Center for Contemplative Living


3650 Yates Street, Denver, CO 80212

Facilitator:    Bob Mischke  
     Bob Mischke                          
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