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Meditation Chapel

Pray in silence with practitioners from all over the world. Centering Prayer groups are forming on this global video platform of online meditation groups.

It's difficult to describe how profoundly connecting, expansive and intimate it is to see, hear and join in silent prayer with others from all over the world.

You just have to try it.


To join the groups, follow these steps:

To get started Click here and follow the steps to register on the site.


You will receive an email with a link to the meditation chapel the group meets in. Once you receive a link to a chapel (i.e., to Peace Chapel or to John Main Chapel), it’s always the same link. Save it for future use.


About 5-10 minutes before the group starts, click on the link to enter the chapel.


Using a device with a larger screen and video camera is recommended for the best experience (laptop, desktop, tablet).

It's easy! Facilitators will introduce you to the group and help you with any questions.Please share this information with your communities.


If you have any questions, or are interested in being trained as a facilitator for this platform, please email Pamela Begemanat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


All retreats are held at St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House located in Snowmass, CO unless otherwise noted.


We encourage you to consider being on a waitlist for any of the retreats, since we reguarly have cancellations.




Mediation Chapel Schedule

  Day and Time Hosted By  
  Mondays at 10am Eastern (Miami) Time (in Spanish)      Marilu Ason  
  Mondays at 7pm Mountain (Denver) Time Brighid Kelly  
  Tuesdays at 1pm Mountain Time Ken Dreiling  
  Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern Time (12-step Centering Prayer, open to all) Susan B  
  Click Here to read more about it    
  Wednesdays at 5pm Eastern Time (in Spanish) Marielos Zedan and Maria A Villalobos  
  Wednesdays at 7:30pm Eastern (Montreal) Time (in French) Michel Lavallée  
  Thursdays at 6pm Eastern Time Isabel Castellanos  
  Sundays at 7:30pm Eastern time (in Portuguese) Antonio Sergio Giacomo  
  Other groups and times are listed on the site's calendar. Each chapel has their own link. All online meditation groups are open to anyone.  


Center for Contemplative Living

 The Center

    3650 Yates Denver, CO 80212       (303) 698-7729

The Center is closed for the summer


Mass at the Center will not be held until further notice


Intentional Prayer Time is canceled until further notice


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