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St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House - Retreat Schedule

 Cost:   10-Day: $750 Double  
    8-Day: $650 Double  
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Pat Johnson

689 Colorado Ave., Carbondale CO 81623

Telephone #: 970-963-1258

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All retreats are held at St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House located in Snowmass, CO unless otherwise noted.


We encourage you to consider being on a waitlist for any of the retreats, since we reguarly have cancellations.



It is also possible to book private/individual retreats.  Contact Brother Gabriel, Retreat House Guestmaster at 970-927-1162.   You can also visit the website:

St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House.




2018 Retreat Schedule

    August 7 - 16 10-day Post Intensive  
    September 11 - 20     10-day Post Intensive  
    September 24-30 7 day 12-Step Friendly Retreat  
    October 9 - 18 10-day Regular Intensive  
    Oct. 30 - Nov. 6 8-day Post Intensive  
    November 8 - 15 8-day Post Intensive  
    December 4 - 13 10-day Post Intensive  

2019 Retreat Schedule

    January 8 - 17 10-day 12-Step Retreat  
    January 22 - 29 Collaborative Inquiry  
    February 12 - 21 10-day Regular Intensive  
    March 12 - 21 10-day Post Intensive  
    April 2 - 11 10-day Post Intensive  
    May 14 - 23 Contemplative Listening Post Intensive  
    June 18 - 27 10-day Regular Intensive  
    August 6 - 15 10-day Post Intensive  
    September 10 - 19 10-day Post Intensive  
    September 24 - 30 7 day 12-Step Friendly Retreat  
    October 8 - 17 10-day Regular Intensive  
    November 5 - 12 8-day Contemplative Living Post Intensive  
    November 14 - 21 8-day Post Intensive  
    December 3 - 12 10-day Post Intensive  



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St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House, Snowmass CO  Learn More


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Gloria Vigilione

with Gloria Viglione



Within the Advent Season, lies the potential of interior stillness, presence, and contemplation. As darkness anticipates the Light, our inner journey is especially receptive to the ways we can make space for the Light within. This retreat into music is intended to open your soul to new ways of listening.

Come and share a morning of live contemplative musical offerings, silent stillness, simple words and meditative movement that will prepare you for the Advent mood. Gloria will offer harp, vocals, bells, and brief excerpts from poetry, ancient text or scripture. We will begin with 20 minutes of centering prayer. During our break, we will maintain SILENCE. Please come, and simply receive. Comfortable clothing suggested.

As a certified Music-Thanatologist for over 25 years, Gloria has attended the dying and their loved ones with Prescriptive Music Vigils. Using the presence of being, music, and the healing arts, she has collaborated for retreats, workshops, celebrations, and services. Her background also includes Occupational Therapy with a neurologic emphasis.

Cost:   $35 (Comfortable clothing suggested)  
When:   Saturday, December 8  
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  
Registration:   You can register ONLINE  
    Or, print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it to the Center, along with your payment  
    You can also call the Center at 303-698-7729  
RSVP:   By Thursday, December 6  
Place:   Center for Contemplative Living  
    3650 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212  
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The Cloud of Unknowing


The Cloud of Unknowing offers unique guidance for anyone who desires intimate contact with God.


In these conferences, you will explore the sources of what has come to be known as “centering prayer.” You will discover its roots in the Desert Fathers and Mothers, emergent contemplatives who labored to “put on the mind and heart of Christ.” You will trace the unfolding of the sacred science of spiritual transformation through its earliest pioneers to its ongoing development in our day. In learning the practice of “dark” contemplation, you will come to sense the ineffable mystery and hiddenness.



Presented by gifted professor, author, and psalmist, Sr. Kathleen Deignan, C.N.D., these six conferences will deepen your spirituality. You will discover the teachings of one of the great classics of the Christian tradition, which has profoundly influenced classical and contemporary spirituality.


$80 (includes the book, The Cloud of Unknowing by William Johnston)

When:   Six Thursdays, January 19 - February 23  
    6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  
RSVP:   Wednesday,, January 18  
Registration:   You can register ONLINE  
    Or, print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it to the Center  
    You can also call the Center at (303) 698-7729  
Where:   Center of Contemplative Living  
    3650 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212  
Presenter:   Joanne Warner  
     Joanne Warner  



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Sacred Heart    


Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat Center

November 29 - December 2 (Now 4 days!)




Taking time out for a contemplative retreat is a great way of renewing mind, body, and spirit while deepening your Centering Prayer practice. Our weekend intensive retreat presents an ideal opportunity to experience the embrace of nature and the grace of silence.


The weekend includes periods of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and time for solitude. Retreats are open to those who have incorporated a Centering Prayer practice into their daily lives for at least six months.


The Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House is located in the foothills and surrounded by panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful grounds offer the perfect setting for solitude, reflection, and prayer.

 Cost: $340  
    A non-refundable deposit of $80 is due with registration  
    Full amount is due by Nov. 8.  
Registration:   Register no later than November 1  
    Register ONLINE  
    Or, print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it, along with your payment, to the Center  
    You can alsoo call the Center at 303-698-7729  
    Please let us know if you need access to handicapped facilities or need a room on the first floor. We will provide if at all possible.  
Place: Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat Center  
4801 N Hwy 67, Sedalia, CO 80135  
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