The Women's Homelessness Initiative   


"EXPOSURE: Homelessness through the Lens of Art and Poetry" 



The Women's Homelessness Initiative is a local consortium of churches providing overnight shelter and sanctuary for unaccompanied women on the streets of Denver.


In an effort to educate and advocate for women on the margins, a creative team from WHI has just published a work, "EXPOSURE: Homelessness through the Lens of Art and Poetry". 


This provocative book takes the reader on a journey from head to heart, from fear to compassion for The Other.  The book sells for $30 and proceeds are donated back to WHI.  Copies can be ordered online through Creator Mundi or by calling Sheila Norris at 303:596-7706. 


Know that your involvement can make a difference in the life of our sisters who are struggling.

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