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With Parallels drawn between the Ascent of Mount Carmel in John of the Cross and the Ten Ox-herding pictures of Zen


Featuring Francis Bennett

Francis Bennett

Author of “I Am That I Am”


Join us for this experience in “inter-faith” dialogue as Francis Bennett explores two classical maps of the spiritual journey, The Ascent of Mount Carmel by the renowned Christian mystic and spiritual master, John of the Cross, and the Ten Ox-herding pictures of the Zen Buddhist Tradition. We will reflect on the parallels and contrasts of these two maps of consciousness through listening to talks, taking part in guided meditation practices and reflection together on our own spiritual journeys.



Francis Bennett was a Roman Catholic Trappist monastic for a number of years. She made vows as a monastic at Gethsemane Abbey in 1983. She graduated from the Pontifical College Josephinum with a BA in Philosophy, did graduate studies in Philosophy and comparative religion at the University of Paris/the Sorbonne in the 90s, and completed a two year residency in Clinical Pastoral Education in 2002 with Ohio Health Hospital System in Columbus, Ohio. She has worked in ministry in the area of pastoral care in the movement, as a hospital chaplain and in pastoral care of the sick and dying in parish settings. She has led retreats in both the Vipassana Buddhist Tradition and in the Christian mystical/contemplative Tradition of Centering Prayer. She has been offering spiritual direction and helping guide people in their spiritual quest for a number of years. Francis is transgender and gradually over the year 2016 transitioned gender.

 Cost:   $40  
When:   Saturday, October 28  
 Time:   9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  
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Place:   Center for Contemplative Living  
    3650 Yates Street, Denver, CO 80212  
Category: Days of Prayer

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