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Into the Fire: A Journey into the Evolutionary Heart of Spirituality


Teilhard de Chardin was a twentieth century Jesuit priest, scientist and mystic. Inspired by the teachings of St. Paul and the discoveries of modern science, Teilhard developed a new vision of spirituality and science for our twenty-first century world.


 Teilhard De Chardin


Join us for a day of prayer, exploration and discovery as we journey along the footsteps of Teilhard in the fire of the unfolding mysteries of our universe. Rick facilitates and teaches spiritual direction in the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program at the Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs, CO. His primary areas of teaching are spirituality, mysticism and the lives of the mystics. He lives with his wife Lori in Fort Collins, CO.








Saturday, April 29


9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.




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