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It’s one thing to “let go” and surrender to God during 20 minutes of Centering Prayer, but it’s quite another once we return to the circumstances of ordinary life and our buttons get pushed.


The Welcoming Prayer is a practice designed to help us respond, instead of react, when we find our emotional programs triggered.  In this simple prayer we learn to surrender to God’s presence and action in our lives so we aren’t so torn apart by anxiety, fears, anger or other afflictive emotions. 


This class provides instruction on the Welcoming Prayer, as well as opportunities to practice both it and Centering Prayer. The class also is an excellent refresher for those who already have learned the Welcoming Prayer and would like to deepen their practice. The Contemplative Life Program booklet, Welcoming Prayer Consent On The Go is included

Cost:    $45 (Included is the Contemplative Life Program booklet,  
    Welcoming Prayer Consent On The Go)  
When:   Saturday, April 14  
    9:00 am—1:00 pm  
RSVP:   Thursday, April 12  
Registration:   Register ONLINE  
    Or, print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it to the Center  
    You can also call the Center at 303-689-7729  
Place:   Center for Contemplative Living  
    3650 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212  

Julie Saad                    Joanne Warner

  Julie Saad                      Joanne Warner

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