• Fall Classes, Events & Retreats

    Fall Classes, Events & Retreats

    Check out our fall classes, events and retreats. We have a variety to offer you. Read More
  • Fall Mini-Retreat: Featuring Susan Rush

    Fall Mini-Retreat: Featuring Susan Rush

    “Embracing Oneness... Renewing our Contemplative Life”. We will journey together to explore how we can nod to consent. Bow to surrender. Release to receptivity and be blessed into effortlessness. Join us on Saturday, October 13. Read More
  • Spiritual Journey Series

    Spiritual Journey Series

    Based on Thomas Keating’s Spiritual Journey video series, this program guides participants to the transformative awakening and healing to be found along the contemplative path of consent to God’s presence and action within each of us. The following courses will be offered in October: Human Condition; Divine Therapy; Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ – Part 1. Read More
  • The Divine Milieu

    The Divine Milieu

    “Take an unforgettable retreat with Teilhard de Chardin’s masterpiece: The Divine Milieu. This masterpiece is a spiritual work at once cosmic and personal. You are invited to nurture the “cosmic contemplative,” deepen your Christic life, and serve the world with greater enlightenment and soul.” Class begins on Thursday, October 11 Read More
  • The Holy Land

    The Holy Land

    Embark on a life-changing journey through the Holy Land. Called a “Fifth Gospel,” the lands where Jesus lived illuminate the reality of His life and times. Now, Rev. Donald Senior, one of the world’s leading Bible scholars, guides us on a virtual pilgrimage through the Holy Land. Class begins on Wednesday, October 17. Read More
  • Creative Expression As A Spiritual Practice: Mandalas

    Creative Expression As A Spiritual Practice: Mandalas

    Creative expression is a way of making our interior life visible. In this workshop we will explore, create and color mandalas. There is something universal, spiritual, and healing about mandalas. These circular drawings and symbols can be found throughout our ancient history and symbolize wholeness, connectedness, symmetry, unity. Join us on Saturday, October 27. Read More
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A Journey of Truth, Transformation & Self-Discovery



The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery leading, if we consent, to transformation. It is in the process of self-discovery that we discover who God is and grow in our ability to deepen our relationship with God and with all of life.


Mark Matousek, the author of Writing to Awaken, has helped thousands of people focus on personal awakening through self-inquiry and writing. We will be using exercises from this book to probe our depths, chip away at the ego (false self), explore buried feelings and access our vulnerability – that place where we are most likely to meet the Divine Indwelling.

Some say that we are able to access a higher level of consciousness by writing than we experience in our ordinary daily life. In his teaching on the Human Condition, Father Thomas says that so much of the time our attitudes, emotions, and behavior are driven by the unconscious motivation of the energy centers and are based on our perceptions rather than reality. Out of these unconscious motivations and perceptions we weave our life story, which may or may not be true.


Father Thomas encourages us to participate in the dismantling of our emotional programs for happiness – our false-self system. Looking at our “story” through writing can deepen our experience in Centering Prayer, leading us to live our lives out of our true self.


No writing skills are required; you don’t even have to like to write. Each class will include instruction, writing, and sharing in the manner of group spiritual direction. It’s so important that we tell ourselves the truth in our writing that you will not be sharing what you’ve written unless you want to. Sharing will be primarily around your writing experience and what you are discovering.

Cost:   $130 (included is the book,  
    Writing to Awaken: A Journey of Truth, Transformation & Self Discovery)  
When:   Twelve weeks on Tuesday Evenings  
    September 11 - December 4  
    excluding November 20  
 Time:   6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  
Registration:   Register ONLINE  
    Or, you can print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it, along with your registration, to the Center   
    You may also register by calling the Center at (303) 698-7729  
Place:   3650 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212  
Facilitators:     Bob Albrecht       and        Julie Saad  


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Welcome to the Center

The Center

3650 Yates Denver, CO 80212       (303) 698-7729

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Tues, Wednes, Thurs

The Center is open!

Join us for Mass in the chapel at noon on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month  Mass Schedule

* Join us for Intentional     Prayer Time at our new time on Tuesdays at     9:00 - 10:00 a.m. and 10:45 - 11:45 a.m. 

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* Pray with the staff at noon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

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Voices of Grace and Gratitude

Contemplative Outreach - Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude

Center for Contemplative Living

“The root of prayer is interior silence.”
Father Thomas Keating,
Open Mind, Open Heart

Our Center for Contemplative Living in Denver offers introductory workshops on Centering Prayer, as well as Father Thomas Keating’s in-depth, five-part Spiritual Journey Series.  Read More...


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